Managing your diabetes can make you feel better and healthier. Decreased blood sugar (also called blood glucose) reduces your chance of developing diabetes-related eye, heart, kidney, and nerve conditions. To control your diabetes, you should know the level of sugar you have in your blood.

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What is the A1C hemoglobin test?

It is a simple lab test that indicates the average amount of sugar that has been in your blood over the past 3 months.

Why should I have an A1C hemoglobin test?

Because it’s the best test for your doctor to know if your plasma glucose is controlled. This test indicates whether your plasma glucose is close to normal or too high.

What is the appropriate level of Hemoglobin A1C?

The normal value for people with diabetes is less than 7 percent. In general your treatment needs to be modified if the test result is more than 8 percent.

A1C hemoglobin test.

How often do I need to have this test?

Have your doctor or healthcare professional test you at least twice a year. Ask about the A1C hemoglobin test and what the result of it means.

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What is the fingertip prick test?

The fingertip prick test is used to determine your plasma sugar at that particular time using a blood glucose meter.

It’s a simple test that you can do using a glucose meter to control changes in your plasma sugar. The fingertip prick test tells you what your blood sugar level is at the time of the test.

Why should I take this test?

Determining glucose using a plasma glucose meter helps you see how diabetes foods, exercise, and medication affect your blood sugar level.

The readings you get from these tests help you manage your diabetes daily or even every hour. Keep track of test results and review them with your doctor or healthcare professional.

What is the right figure for this test?

The ideal figures for most people with diabetes who use a plasma glucose meter are:

    Before meals: 80 to 120 mg/dL.

    At bedtime: 100 to 140 mg/dL.

Your sugar figures may be different from these ideal levels. Talk to your doctor about the best figures for you.

How often should I have this test?

The finger yolk puncture test is usually done before meals and at bedtime. Talk to your doctor about how often you should measure your blood sugar. You need both tests to fully evaluate blood sugar control.

Check your blood sugar

Talk to your doctor about your sugar levels in the case of the A1C hemoglobin test and the fingertip prick test.

Eat appropriate foods, exercise, and take medications prescribed to control your blood sugar.

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